MMM Kegal

Tourism law

MMMLegal lawyers provide legal services for tour operators, travel agents and intermediaries. Their field of expertise includes:

  • legal assistance in establishing and running a business in the tourism sector;
  • evaluation, preparation or introduction of changes in general T&C of providing tourism services and in other regulations (including: rendering services electronically, promotions, privacy policy);
  • representation of tour operators before the regulators;
  • drafting contracts typically used in the sector, including: contracts with air carriers, hoteliers and other service providers, agency agreements, contracts related with access to booking systems or legal assistance in the event of problems with their execution;
  • handling claims related with customers' complaints, including:
    - evaluation of claim legitimacy,
    - conducting conciliatory negotiations,
    - conducting proceedings before civil courts, consumer protection bodies;
  • legal assistance in the scope of:
    - competition and consumer protection,
    - customers' personal data protection,
    - regulations concerning services rendered electronically.